Videos Rules of Engagement

Please try to keep your comments on a level that adds to the ideas being presented and discussed. It does not help the debate when people start throwing diatribes and insults against people’s character, as it merely tarnishes the image of the person posting. It is great that you are passionate, so let’s retain that passion, but without the insults. If you disagree with what we say, or believe us to be wrong, please do tell us why, and if you can, source your arguments. Then we can have a proper debate.

If you would like us to address a certain issue, why not let us know via the contacts page. If the topic is helpful for Christian/Muslim debate, we will certainly look at your suggestions. As a Christian organisation, Pfander openly believes that these debates, and how each of us respond to them, can open the door for you to either eternal life with God, or eternal separation from God. This is why we participate in these debates with Muslims, so that ‘you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free’ (John 8:32).

We welcome people of all faiths, and no faith, to peruse the information on this site. You may wonder why we only focus on Islam, that is because there are very few open internet based Christian organisations engaging both apologetically and polemically with the geo-political, social, and theological trends of Islam, which impact our lives and hit the news daily, due to the rapid rise of Radical Islam.

We hope you will find these videos informative, challenging, and ultimately compelling, as you consider our Christian Response to the Muslim agenda in our world.

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