Is there a problem with Islam’s history?

A program reviewing the Historical Problems with Islam. Muslims make many historical claims about Muhammad, Mecca, Islam, Muslims and the Qibla (direction of prayer). They believe their beliefs are historical and reliable. Yet little real analysis has been done on these claims. This is what this program is all about. It is a program dedicated to asking important historical critical questions concerning Islam and its claims about its beginnings.

Part of the Pfander team joined the good work of the ‘Trinity Channel’ ABN TV to discuss these important questions. We present to you these questions and our responses to them, as well as an alternative historical picture of what possibly happened in Islam’s emergence onto the world stage.

As more information comes to light, more of the story will become clearer and we can continue to build on, as well as affirm what we are now finding in the archaeological, manuscript, and documentary evidence.

This is an important area of research, because if a book claims to be from God, it makes claims about peoples, places, events and time periods. So we can go to the historical record about these peoples, places, events and time periods and do a comparison to see if indeed the book claiming to be from God, in this case the Qur’an, gets it right in all four areas. If it is not historically accurate, and if it cannot be supported by the evidence, then it cannot be from God, because God would know what actually happened in history.

“We Stand For Biblical Truth In An Age In Which False Religions And Cults Which Deny The Trinity Are Growing. We Endeavor To Exalt Jesus Christ As Lord And Savior Through Live Programing in Christ-Centered Apologetics, Theology, and Missions.” (Trinity Channel).

The Pfander Centre for Apologetics affirms the good mission of the Trinity Channel, and thanks them for the opportunity to be a part of their TV programs. Watch, learn, listen and discuss… and let’s prepare our minds for action, 1 Peter 1:13, so that all people will find the truth.

Published on 28 Apr 2016

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