Isa is not Jesus

Muslims believe that the ‘Isa’ of the Qur’an is the same person as the Jesus (or ‘Yesua’) of the Bible. But he isn’t.

Jay and Hatun make that perfectly clear in this presentation at Speaker’s Corner, where they take a look at the references to Isa in the Qur”an and compare them with ‘Yesuah’ (the correct name for Jesus in the Arabic language) in the Bible.

Once they prove their point they then unpack what is missing in the Isa of the Qur’an, and suggest that the audience come back to the true Jesus, the one which can only be found in the Bible.

Jay’s familar call to ‘Come on Home’ can be heard as he concludes this material on who exactly is the true Jesus, the ‘Isa’ of the Qu’ran, or the ‘Yesuah’ of the Bible.

Published on 16 Feb 2016

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