THE PARIS ATTACKS: Who, and What, is Responsible? – Part 2

Over a week after the atrocities in Paris, and exactly a week after first unpacking what went on there at Speaker’s Corner (see part 1), Jay Smith and Hatun Tash once again went to the crowd who had gathered to try and understand the motivation behind this attack.

Watch Jay and Hatun ‘work the crowd’, trying to get the crowds opinion’s first, before then going directly to what ISIS has said concerning why they did these attacks.

Watch also as Jay and Hatun then exegete the classic verses on violence and peace, first in the Qur’an, and then in the Bible, comparing both revelations against each other.

This talk is over 30 minutes longer than what they did the previous week. It is much better thought out and communicated, and with much stronger conclusions and scriptural exegesis. It’s too bad that this talk wasn’t done first, as it is a much better piece of work than the previous one.

Interestingly, you can hear the Muslims praying in the background, not just once, but twice during this 1 hour and 40 minute talk. Jay and Hatun both commented that the Muslims prayed during their talk, and close to where they were standing, rather than engage with them publicly. Following their prayers, they noticed that each time they came and joined the large group which had gathered, but didn’t seem to want to confront or dispute what they were saying. Some stayed for a bit, and then moved on. There were one or two exceptions, which made for a better engagement.

Could it be that the material was just too difficult for the others to dispute?

Published on 23 Nov 2015

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