Welcome to Pfander UK!

Some of you will recognise our name Pfander has been rebranded. Pfander is now two separate organisations, with different emphasis, yet with common goals.

Pfander Centre for Apologetics was founded in 2007 with three main aims

  • The academic study of all issues relevant to Islam and Christianity
  • Engaging Muslims on key historical and theological issues
  • Resourcing and equipping Christians to engage Islam with the Gospel

In this decade the ministry has grown, and developed to equip Christians to do the same, resulting in Muslims turning from Islam to the Lord Jesus through the Pfander sites, team & students.

In the Summer of 2017 one of the founding members, Dr Jay Smith, returned to the USA to continue his work as an independent researcher and speaker. He runs Pfander Films, under the umbrella organisation The Pfander Centre for Apologetics. He is now a researcher and itinerant speaker in the USA. To follow Jay’s work and keep up to date with his latest research subscribe to his PfanderFilms YouTube channel. Dr Smith continues as a visiting lecturer on historical critique of Islam for Pfander UK’s online Course on Islam.

Pfander UK seeks to:

  • Help people see Jesus through the whole Bible.
  • Answer questions Muslims ask about the Trinity, the divinity of Jesus and the Bible.
  • Understand Islamic mission, secular accommodation of it and their impact in the world.
  • Research and present the latest historical critique of Islam’s history and its texts.
  • Ultimately to provide a confident Biblical response to Islam.

One way of equipping the church is through Pfander’s online Course on Islam. This course introduces ground-breaking research into the theological, historical, socio-political & missional trends of Islam today & through history.

Weaved throughout the course we journey through the whole of the scripture, to understand “what is written about me [Jesus] in the Law of Moses, the Prophets and the Psalms”. To know more contact us here.