General information on Pfander Courses

Pfander's Course in Islam

Module One: Foundational Theological Comparatives

Module Two: Historical Critique

Module Three: Textual and Theological Critique

Module Four: Mission & Social Implications

Course Requirements

This course is for Christians who wish to understand Islam from a Biblical perspective.

Course Details

The course involves a mixture of live and pre recorded 90 minute lectures with Q&A sessions.
Lecture notes and short topical videos, further reading and online resources will be available for course participants.

Lectures are available to watch for the duration of the course.

A good broadband connection is essential.

Course Objectives

To study Jesus through the whole Bible, especially the Old Testament
To answer questions Muslims ask about the Trinity, the divinity of Jesus and the Bible
To consider Islamic missional movements and their aims for the world
To explore the latest historical critique of Islam and its texts
To have a confident Biblical response to Islam and Atheism

Applications for our 2018 course on Islam will open mid July 2018.

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