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Silly Islamic Memes (and some silly Christian ones)

  Every Friday lunchtime, I do some evangelism on my local high street. Each time I get into passionate (but enjoyable) conversations with Muslims; inevitably after an hour or so, I’m too freezing cold / sunburnt/ emotionally exhausted to carry on the back-and-forth. So I give my new friend my number, suggesting we meet up […]

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Why a travel ban isn’t the solution to Radical Islam

  Will Donald get his way on the travel ban or won’t he? His executive order against 7 Muslim majority countries has caused uproar and various legal challenges. But would a travel ban be effective against terrorism in the first place? Can only Muslims from these particular countries be considered a threat? Many liberals are […]

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Critique the religion. Love the person.

By Beth Grove Today I sat across from my savvy, experienced radio interviewer discussing on air to thousands listening across the country about the intriguing practice of bold public engagement with Islam. We discussed the tensions between debate and friendship, debate in the context of friendship, debate with those who consider us ‘enemies’. That tightrope […]

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